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Of Colour & Light - Women Abstract Artists

Of Colour and Light, Women Abstract Artists Biennial 2020

 15 December 2020 - 28 February 2021

Opening  19 January 2021 ( 5- 8pm) - please register via eventbrite ( due to covid)

To be opened by Leah Justin ( Justin Art House Museum) at 6pm 

West End Art Space, Melbourne, Australia


This is the third abstract biennial hosted by West End Art Space, curated by Anna Prifti, that aims to provide a platform to women abstract artists from the state of Victoria. It began in 2016 with the aim to showcase and advocate that women artists have been an integral part of the Abstract movement.

This year the biennial coincides with the opening of our new gallery space in Adderley Street, West Melbourne. There will be a variety of artworks on show, with women working in a diverse range of contemporary art practices, established and well-recognised careers. Abstraction in an array of styles -lyrical, expressive, intuitive, hard-edged, reductive, minimalist – becomes unified by an ongoing conversation on colour and light.

Link to West End Art Space Exhibition page



Nicole Allen

Irene Barberis

Liliana Barbieri

Carol Batchelor

Sue Beyer

Louise Blyton

Liz Bodey

Lynne Boyd

Fleur Brett

Terri Brooks

Elly Buckley

Victoria Cattoni

Veronica Caven Aldous

Magda Cebokli

Dawn Csutoros

Madeleine Joy Dawes

Lesley Dumbrell

Agneta Ekholm


Jennifer Goodman




Anne Hastie


Polly Hollyoak

Andrea Hughes

Shelley Jardine

Wendy Kelly

Suzi Leahy Raleigh

Stephania Leigh

Helen McInnis

Suzanne Moss

Cathy Muhling

Fran O’Neill

Jacklyn Peters

Caroline Phillips

Linda Pickering

Julia Powles

Jenny Reddin 

Anna Rowbury

Melinda Schawel

Antonia Sellbach

Jacqueline Stojanović

Wilma Tabacco

Leah Teschendorff

Kerrie Warren

Susan Watson Knight

Lorri Whiting 

Catalogue essay created by DR Wendy Kelly ( Artist in the exhibition) 



Vault Magazine

Vault Magazine

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Fiona Halse -' Passing Tide', 91Wx 122H cm , mixed media on canvas  

Fiona Halse - 'Spring Snow',  200cm W x 170cm H, mixed media on canvas (online option  -  on show in storeroom spaces) 


Link to: Video of the exhibition 

Link to: Catalogue 

Link to: 
Interview and podcast ( Anna Prifti and Fiona Halse) Triple R - 3RRR 102.7FM
( Smart Arts with Dan and Steph Teitelbaum), 24 December 2020


Of Colour & Light

5 - 27 October 2018

West End Art Space, Melbourne, Australia

A Biennial Show by Victorian Women Abstract Artists
Exhibition: 5 - 27 October 2018
Opening: Saturday 6 October 2018
Guest speaker: Kate Nodrum
Hrs: Wed- Friday 11am-4pm, Saturday 10am-3pm ( open other times by appointment)
Location: West End Art Space
Address: 185 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne, VIC, 3003, Australia
Contact: Anna Prifti - Director
Email: westendartspace@gmail.com
Phone:+61 0415 243 917 

Link to Media release

Link to Catalogue Essay written by Dr Elisabeth Bodey

Link to List of Works

Link to Podcast Alex McCulloch Arts Show 

Image above:  Speeches - L-R : Anna Prifti ( Director and Curator), Kate Nodrum ( Guest Speaker  - Charles Nodrum Gallery) 

Image above: Artists in 2018 exhibition 

Installation image -  L- R:  Tracey Coutts, Vanessa Oter, Elisabeth Bodey, Roz Esplin, Cathy Muhling, Fran O'Neill 

Installation image - L-R:  Fiona Halse, Jennifer Goodman, Louise Blyton, Samara Adamson-Pinczewski, Wendy Kelly

Installation image -  L-R: - Louise Blyton, Melinda Harper

Installation image -  L-R:  Terri Brooks, Louise Blyton, Louise Blyton, Wilma Tabacco

Installation image - R- L   - Suzanne Moss, Renecca Monaghan, Louise Blyton, Robin Kingston

Installation image -L-R: Louise Blyton, Robin Kingston, Shelly Jardine

Installation image - L-R: Louise Blyton, Melinda Harper, Linda Pickering

Installation image - L-R:    Elisabeth Bodey, Roz Esplin, Cathy Muhling

 Image above:  Magda Cebokli

Image above: Eleanor Hart

Image above: Samara Adamson- Pinczewski


Image above: Anna Caione

Image above: Lindy Patterson

Image above:  Fiona Halse - Loss #1, 170cm (H) x 100cm (W), mixed media on canvas


Of Colour & Light - Abstraction in Victoria ( 2016)

Exhibition: 10 June  - 18 July 2016 
Opening: Saturday 11 June 2016
Guest speaker: Charles Nodrum
Location: Yarra Sculpture Space
Address: 117 Vere Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

  Installation image - ( from  'Of Colour & Light - Abstraction in Victoria' ( 2016) exhibition)

 Installation image - Christine Healy ( from  'Of Colour & Light - Abstraction in Victoria' ( 2016) exhibition)

 Installation image ( from  'Of Colour & Light - Abstraction in Victoria' ( 2016) exhibition)

 Installation image ( from  'Of Colour & Light - Abstraction in Victoria' ( 2016) exhibition)

Guest Speaker: Charles Nodrum
Curator; Anna Prifti

Image: artists ( from  'Of Colour & Light - Abstraction in Victoria' ( 2016) exhibition)


Image: Wilma Tabacco( from  'Of Colour & Light - Abstraction in Victoria' ( 2016) exhibition)

link to Wilma Tabacco catalogue essay

Related projects and Exhibitions

 Image: Wilma Tabacco ( from  'Of Colour & Light - Abstraction in Victoria' ( 2016) exhibition)

Other projects - Wilma Tabacco:
Archived projects (EG - Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne, Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London)

Director - Langford 120 Gallery

Abstraction 2018

Deakin University Art Gallery launches The Centre for Abstract and Non-Objective Art. 
The launch coincides with the beginning of The Void. Visible. Abstraction & Non-Objective Art, a new exhibition for 2017 that includes the work of artists Stephen Wickham, Stephen McCarthy, Andrew Christofides and Wilma Tabacco. Link

Image: Terri Brooks
Other projects  - Terri Brooks:

Blog on abstraction - Art Thoughts Blog

Image: Louise Blyton ( from  'Of Colour & Light - Abstraction in Victoria' ( 2016) exhibition)

Other projects - Louise Blyton:
2017 Chromatopia - A History of Colour (guest curator) Tacit Contemporary
Many abstract artists curated in this exhibition 

Image: Merryn Trevethan ( from  'Of Colour & Light - Abstraction in Victoria' ( 2016) exhibition)

Other projects - Merryn Trevethan:
This Wild Song - curated exhibition in Singapore ( High Commission) - Women artists 

Image: Fran O'Neill

Other Projects - Fran O'Neill:
The Other Side of Things: Women of Abstraction

Eleanor Hart  Paintings from 'Unfolding Time' exhibition ( 2017)

Other Projects - Eleanor Hart: 

Solo exhibition Unfolding Time at  Glen Eira City Council Gallery (2017)
The paintings and drawings are part of a series that references the title. This visual research is about place and memory, dealing with ‘escaping’ from Vienna in the war years. The energy in Eleanor Hart’s work has been encapsulated by the discovery of letters written in Gothic German that were hidden and revealed decades later. 

The concept of Unfolding Time resonates through the painterly abstraction that is the vibrating medium.

Other Projects - Melinda Harper:

Colour Sensation - the Works of Melinda Harper ( 2015) - Heidi Museum of Modern Art

Colour and optical vibrancy animate Melbourne artist Melinda Harper’s remarkable oeuvre of abstract works developed over three decades. While Harper is best known as a painter, this survey reveals a surprising diversity of practice in its inclusion of drawings, collages, screenprints, experimental photographs, painted objects and exquisite handmade embroideries.


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Fifty years after the Field ( Factory 49) - catalogue essay

Sydney Non-Objective

see - Abstraction Twenty Eighteen link 

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Essay - Why has there not been any great Women Artists?



Jeanette Winterson -  Angels of Anarchy: Women Artists and Surrealism




Joan Kerr


Past present: the national women's art anthology / edited by Joan Kerr and Jo Holder

Elizabeth Grosz - Chaos, Territory, Art: Deleuze and the Framing of the Earth

Other Victorian Abstract Women Artists ( list is not exhaustive):













Other Australian Abstract Women Artists ( list is not exhaustive):





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